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Pieris davidina (OBERTH√úR, 1891 Papilionoidea
  • Verbreitung / Range
  • China: Sichuan

  • Systematik / Systematology
  • Locus typicus
    Tatsienlu (=China, Sichuan, Kangding)
    Etudes entomologiques 15:8 pl.3 f.20
    Pieris davidina
    HAO HUANG (2003): NEN 55, 77:
    '90. Sinopieris stoetzneri (DRAESEKE, 1924). 1 male, Nidadan, May; 3 female, Qiqi to Dongshaofang, June. These four males agree exactly with the typical specimens of stoetzneri from Sichuan in external features. WATKINS (1927), in his report an butterflies collected by GREGORYS from NW. Yunnan, an the Basis of his examination of specimens deposited in B.M. (N.H.), treated stoetzneri as a synonym of Pieris davidina OBERTH√úR, 1891 and stated stoetzneri as summer form whilst davidina as spring form. In the same paper he stated Sinopieris venata (bona species) as a form of Sinopieris davidis. Because the type of davidina figured by OBERTH√úR has all veins of hindwing underside much more broadly marked with black than in stoetzneri and because 1 have no specimen of typical davidina in my collection, I doubt very much that davidina is con[s]pecific with stoetzneri and temporarily treat them as independent taxa. The true stati of davidina and stoetzneri should be based upon an examination of female genitalia of type material in future, in the tose that the male genitalia vary very little between species of Sinopieris.'
  • Präparate Pieris davidina
  • ex OD, mod.
  • Quellen
  • HUANG H. (2003): A list of butterflies collected from Nujiang (Lou Tse Kiang) and Dulongiang, China with descriptions of new species, and revisional notes. Neue Ent. Nachr. 55: 3-114
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